Our Process

There are five critical stages to any project that all need to be executed efficiently and professionally to have a successful project.

Our team members will be at your side offering advice during all phases and components of the project to effectively control cost, quality and risk. You will always know where things stand, where they are headed, and you will have great confidence in knowing you’ve made the right choice by selecting LOTT.

Selecting the Right Development Team

Remember that money is not the only issue. Certainly, it is a very important one, but the lowest proposal from a designer or lowest estimate of costs may or may not lead to the least expensive project in the long run. You need to be able to trust that you will be receiving value for every dollar you spend. That value comes from choosing restaurant design and construction specialists that will be there for you every step of the way, from site selection to the initial design as well as the buildout. Look for a team that will be able to understand your vision and know how to turn concepts into workable, practical, and beautiful operations.  Your team needs to engage experts in all the following stages.

Design, Budgeting & Planning

When LOTT receives approval to proceed, the planning begins in earnest. We bring together the genuine restaurant design professionals — Food Service Equipment and Interior Designers. Most restaurateurs hire an architect/designer and unless they specialize in restaurants this will substantially slow down the process. Once the conceptual design is complete, we perform an initial cost budget and make sure the owner’s investment costs are in line with expectations. That is when we bring in the architect and engineers, to make sure the design meets all regulations and permit/construction documents are produced. Throughout the design development process LOTT applies its vast knowledge and experience in value engineering reviews to reduce scope gaps, over-design or duplication and to make sure cost projections are accurate and within the desired budget.

Procurement & Cost Controls

Once the construction documents are completed LOTT goes above and beyond to keep your budget intact. We develop detailed scopes of work and solicit pricing from our wide range of proven skilled subcontractors and vendors to acquire the best person for the project at the best price. We make sure all the proper paperwork is completed to eliminate disputes or unnecessary change orders. When legitimate changes do arise, we give you the opportunity to make sound financial decisions on where your money is spent with cost options based on our extensive experience and knowledge. We will always offer the most cost-effective solution with the least amount of impact to the schedule and quality of work. LOTT distributes and tracks all payments and obtains waiver of liens for the bank or property owner. We track and manage budgets as if we were spending our own money.

Construction & Delivery

Once permits are received, our team mobilizes on site to execute the plan and fast track the construction process. We prepare and distribute construction schedules, plans, specifications and checklists to insure everyone is on the same page. We deploy a seasoned Restaurant Construction Superintendent to direct the work and confirm its done to the highest standards possible.

The LOTT team executes the construction stage by starting at the back of the house in preparation for the equipment, and then moves to the front of the house while it is installed and prepped. With all the major trades working in a confined space like a kitchen, site coordination and communication must be exact, and the project momentum must be maintained from day one until turn-over and grand opening.

Close-Out & Warranty

We invite the restaurant owner to assist us in creating a final punch list. Any corrective work requested or identified by you is completed within five days. We also coordinate a two or four-hour mechanical walk-through of all systems and their use and maintenance. Final financial documentation is submitted, as are the final waivers of lien.  The close-out manual is provided at this point. When you choose LOTT, work completed by our team and subcontractors is under a one-year warranty on labor and materials. In order to ensure satisfaction and success, we will meet with the restaurant owner or manager 11 months after opening to see how all is holding up and if any warranty repairs are needed prior to the expiration.